Monday, July 8, 2013

Call Your Member of Congress Now!


With Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership looming, Representatives Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and George Miller of California have released a "dear colleague" letter for other members of the House of Representatives to sign on to, expressing serious concerns about the lack of Congressional consultation in trade.

"Such opportunity for input from Congress is critical as the TPP FTA will include binding obligations that touch upon a wide swath of policy matters under the authority of Congress.  Beyond traditional tariff issues, these include policies related to labor, patent and copyright, land use, food, agriculture and product standards, natural resources, the environment, professional licensing, competition, state-owned enterprises and government procurement policies, as well as financial, healthcare, energy, e-commerce, telecommunications and other service sector regulations." States the letter. 

We need every member of the Illinois House delegation to sign onto this letter!

The letter continues: "We are deeply committed to transforming U.S. trade policy into a tool for creating and retaining family-wage jobs in America, safeguarding the environment, maintaining consumer protection and improving the quality of life throughout the country.   We look forward to working with you to ensure that Congress and the Executive Branch are working together to meet that critical goal."

Please call your Congressperson today and ask them to sign the Delauro/Miller Letter on the TPP and Fast Track. 202-224-3121

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